Why Your Emails Aren't Being Read
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Why Your Emails Aren't Being Read

If you're a business owner and are wondering why your emails aren't being read, read on!

Not only has Google changed how they show search engine results but they have also changed how they show your emails to customers who use gmail addresses.

If you have a gmail account, take a look at it.  You'll find either two or three columns in the header -- primary, promotional, and for some of you, there is also social.

The primary column is what shows up when people open the gmail account to read their emails.  This is where you want your emails to land.  But, unless you are careful, they will often end up in the promotional column -- which most folks don't bother to open or to read.  Many don't even realize that column is there.

So how do you keep your emails from landing in the promotional section?

The answer is to not make them look like promotional emails.  Look at the promotional emails that you receive.  Most of them are set up with a template that has either a logo or nice photo header and contains photos linking to products in the website that they want you to click to.  Even a lot of informational newsletters and informational emails are set up to look like promotions.

So Google thinks they should go into the promotional section of your customer's email and never get seen or read.

What can you do about this?


Don't make your emails look like they are promotions.  Make them appear to be friendly emails being sent to a friend.  You can still include links to your products within the email.  Just don't overdo it.  And Google is more than likely to think you are really mailing your best buddy and will put that email in the primary email folder.  

Then, it's up to the subject (headline) that you use to entice that reader to open and read it.

Here is an example of an email that I recently sent:

Good morning, friends.  I don't know when you'll read this but it is still morning here.  I've fed the doggies (two of them), had my morning coffee and ready to begin a busy day with this note to you.  

We're already one week into the month of June.  Not only is this usually the hottest time of the year here where I live in Flagstaff, Arizona but it is often a pretty busy month.  School ends. Vacations begin for the kids and even sometimes for us.

Me?  I just enjoy being able to sit outside in the early morning with a cup of hot coffee and enjoy the quiet and the birds without freezing to death as I prepare for another busy day.

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Thank You Gift Ideas

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Until next time,
Your friend and gifting specialist,
Joyce Reid

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