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What does Gourmet mean? I had it all wrong!

I must confess that I never considered myself to be a gourmet. Now, I find out that I am one after all.

Am I the only one who has been confused about that word Gourmet?

I always thought it described a certain type of cuisine which was usually exotic, came in small portions, and cost a lot of money.  With that attitude, I wasn't all that excited about sending or especially receiving a gourmet gift basket.

But then I went into the gift basket business and discovered that I had it all wrong.

When I first started my business, someone told me, "You want to concentrate on gourmet gift baskets.  That's what most people want."

"Yeh, sure," I thought to myself.  "If I don't want a gourmet gift basket, why would anyone else?"

And then I went to Mr. Webster.  When I looked up the word gourmet in his dictionary that tells you everything you need to know about words, my mouth fell open.

The description of gourmet was a lover of good food.

So, a gourmet is a person not a cuisine or type of food.  I love good food so I must be a gourmet.

Gift Basket filled with gourmet foodsI suddenly did a complete turn around and started offering gourmet gift baskets.  Not baskets filled with exotic stuff that people have no idea what it is but filled with lots of good food!

When you think about it, almost everyone you know is a gourmet.  Some like the more exotic foods like pate and wild smoked salmon.  They prefer dark chocolate over milk chocolate.  On the other hand, I have friends who love cakes and  cookies.

There are others who are more savory food gourmets.  They love cashews, pistachios, almonds, corn chips, etc.

Even the kids are gourmets in their own way.  They love macaroni and cheese, Movie Lovers Gift Basketpeanut butter, and animal crackers. And, of course, they love what moms usually refer to as junk food and they call snack foods.

So don't cringe at that word Gourmet.  Just think "Good Food" as you pick out your favorite gourmet gift basket and we'll send it on its way.

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