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Avoid These Six Gifts That Should Never Make It to Your Gift List

If you have ever received a gift that you found insulting or made you wonder what the givers were thinking when they chose it for you, then you know exactly how awkward and even hurtful it can be. It can ruin all the fun and make allthe benefits of giving disappear. The last thing you want is to put someone in the same situation you were in. To help you avoid a gifting catastrophe, we've selected 6 gifts you should never give.

What are the gifts you should never give?

Even if you'regifting "just because, " gift-giving is meant to be a positive experience for the giver and receiver. Unless you agree to exchange gag gifts, you should always consider how the person you're gifting might see your present .
Sometimes, it can be challenging to choose the right gift, even if you've known the person for a very long time. Here are six kinds of gifts that you should avoid giving when trying to decide what to give.

#1 Put-down gifts

One of the main rules of gift-giving is toavoid gifts meant to insult or put down the recipient . For example, if your friend or coworker has issues with being overweight, the last thing you want to give them is a scale or a diet book.
Instead,think of a positive gift that will say you appreciate them . Your overweight friend would probably enjoy a lovely piece of jewelry that emphasizes their beautiful face rather than anything that points out their weight problem.

#2 Second-hand gifts

It'snever a good idea to gift something simply because you want to get rid of . This is especially true for items such as your clothes. Even if it's a one-of-a-kind-designer piece, your excess clothes belong in a donation box. Even better, since things tend to make comebacks, keep them safe in a storage unit until you want to wear them again. Determine the size of the storage you need, and you'll easilyfind the right fit that's also affordable at the same time.
Keep in mind that by second-hand items, we're only referring to things that have been used. On the other hand,regifting items you never opened is entirely ok . Of course, make sure that the person who initially gave you this present is not present.

#3 Pets

The decision to adopt a pet is very personal and requires thought and planning. Although your friends might be considering this,it doesn't mean they're ready to take on this kind of responsibility . Gifting a pet commits the recipient to years of caring for an animal they potentially didn't even want. On the other hand, if the recipient is already a pet owner, it's always nice to think of their furry friends, too. Bring a dog treat gift basket or a scratch toy for their cat, and they'll surely appreciate the thought.

#4 Self-help books

Gifting books, especially to someone you know well, is a great way to show how much you care about them. Books are a timeless gift that will make the recipient always think of you. They are perfect for kids' presents, too.
However, not all books are a great gift. That said, make sure toavoid gifting self-help books if you haven't been explicitly asked for them . No matter how much your friend needs emotional, physical, or psychological help, this is not a helpful gift. Quite the opposite - they might find it insulting. Instead, try being there for them in other ways.

#5 Personal hygiene items

Gifting personal-hygiene items is another way to send a wrong message. For instance, you might have a colleague with a body odor that makes everyone in the office cringe. Gifting them an assortment of deodorants is agreat way to embarrass them in front of everyone in the office.
Instead, think of gifting them awine gift box or a great book. If you have a close relationship with them, consider having a private conversation with them about the problem. Pointing it out in front of others is not a good idea. It will only make them feel embarrassed and ashamed.

#6 Gifts that look cheap

Even if your budget is not considerable, you can stillfind great and affordable things that don't cost a fortune . But gifting a gift that looks cheap  can send the recipient the wrong message.
Remember, the best gifts are never expensive. The thought is what always counts more, and if you put in the effort,the recipient will appreciate your present no matter how much it cost s. If you know the person well, think of making something for them. Or, choose one of thefantastic gift baskets , and you can't go wrong.

Stay away from gifts you should never give!

We hope you enjoyed reading and that our list of gifts you should never give helped you avoid an awkward social situation. , and you won't make a mistake with any of the unique gifts you might find there.
And one last thing - in case you end up on the receiving end of a gift you find inappropriate or insulting,do your best not to make a big deal out of it . Keep in mind that the person probably had a good intention or didn't consider some of your thoughts and feelings.
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