Moving Day Survival Kit
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Moving Day Survival Kit

Reduce the Stress of Moving with a Moving Day Survival Kit

Moving to a new home, whether across the street or around the world, is always stressful.  But one thing that can make it a whole lot easier is to plan and prepare a Moving Day Survival Kit.

When my husband worked for the US Forest Service, we moved every few years.  Packing up memories, saying good-bye to friends, and taking care of all the logistics required was difficult for both Ron and I as well as for our two daughters.

Experience taught us that creating a survival kit which included those items that were essential for the first few days in a new place helped ease the stress.  We even had our daughters create their own survival kits.

housewarming gift basket with eco-friendly productsUsually the people doing the moving are the ones who should create a survival kit for themselves as they know what items they will need and miss if they can't find them in the pile of boxes.

But you can also create one for them as a gift.  One gift that will be useful and appreciated is this eco-friendly housewarming gift basket filled with cleaning supplies.

So what is a Moving Day Survival Kit?

It can be as simple as a box filled with your basic needs that you take with you in the car and never put on the moving van.   There is always the possibility that the moving van may be delayed and you arrive before they do.  And even when they've unloaded the furniture and all the miscellaneous boxes, it's going to take you awhile to get things unpacked and put in the right place.  Saving those essentials easily accessible can make a hectic day less stressful.

Apartment welcome giftHere at ShopCreativeGifts, we sell very basic First Day Survival Kits that property managers give to their new residents to help make the move easier.

But if you are preparing one for yourself or for a friend, you want to include much more.

The Basics That You Shouldn't forget

The #1 essential is a roll of toilet paper.  A roll of paper towels will also come in handy for all kinds of things.  Trash bags, sponge, hand soap, dish soap, and even dishwasher soap, toothpaste and brush, as well as your necessary toiletries are the very basic things to include.   A first-aid kit is also a practical item to include, which hopefully you won't need but will be a blessing if you do need it.

At the end of one of our many moves, we discovered that the gas range could not be connected for several days.  We were happy that we had included foods that didn't have to be cooked in our Moving Kit.  In addition to the snacks and bottled water that we knew we would enjoy while doing that initial unpacking, we had added ingredients needed for sandwiches, granola bars, breakfast bars, nuts, and dried fruit.  We also always included a small electric kettle for boiling water along with tea bags, and instant coffee and soups.  If you include anything in a can, be sure to include a can opener.

Basic Tools and Supplies can be lifesavers.

A toolkit or even a multi-tool or screwdriver set may come in handy for unexpected fixes as you unpack. A measuring tape, flashlight, scissors, and utility knives have their place in this kit, as well.

Practical Gadgets That Make a Big Difference

Van Express Movers, a seasoned moving company in New Jersey, suggests five essential items that will make the first day in a new home:

  • Portable phone chargers to ensure that phones stay charged
  • Flashlights for poorly lit conditions or if arrival is later in the day
  • Extra batteries for flashlight or other battery-operated devices
  • Extension cords
  • Multi-tools which include screwdrivers, pliers and other handy tools that may be needed

Don't Forget the Children and Pets

Moving can also be stressful for kids and pets.  Include things to keep the children occupied while you are busy with the move.  Depending on their ages, coloring books, reading books, puzzles and games can help entertain them.

During each of our moves with the US Forest Service, I would spend time with the kids several days before moving day to help them put together their own survival kit.  My daughters used a backpack and filled it with their favorite snacks, bottled water and juice, plus books, games, dolls, and other things they loved.  Their favorite teddy bear always went into that pack.

Pack a kit for your pets so that you have their bowls and adequate food and water for the trip as well as for the first few days in case the moving van is late in arriving.  If they have a special bed, make sure that it will be available for them as they transition to their new home.  Pets can feel as insecure as kids do in an unfamiliar location.

Friends Can Help Make the Transition Easier

Welcome Home Gift basketIf you have a friend or family that is in the process of moving to a new location, give them a survival kit in the form of a gift basket filled with either easy to eat foods to enjoy on the trip or during the first few days in their new home.   Or you can have the basket delivered to them at their new address as a special surprise and welcome.

We have several housewarming gift baskets that will put a smile on their face and relief in their spirit.

Creating a moving day survival kit is more than just assembling a collection of items; it's about  turning a hectic moving day into a smoother, more manageable experience.   Whether you are the one moving or a friend giving a moving day survival kit to someone, it can make the transition memorable instead of something they would rather forget.

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