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Unwrapping the Power of Corporate Gifts: How to Build Brand Awareness and Boost Customer Loyalty

Branding is critical to a business because it can change how people think about your company.  It is a way of distinguishing yourself from your competitors and making clear to prospective customers and clients why you are different enough to make them want to choose you. It can bring you new business and help keep current customers. But it can also do the opposite if you do it wrong or are not concerned about it at all.
Many tend to think of branding as a company's visual identity -- such as colors, logo, and design.
But it is much more than that.
Your brand is everything you do to let the world know what to expect from your company.
Creating a brand for your company includes many areas such as your customer service, your reputation, how and where you advertise, and, of course, those visuals mentioned earlier.  The end result is what people think of when they see the name of your company or need the services or products that you offer.  It's not something that you create just once and never touch again.  It is a continuous process that changes as your business  changes.
An important part of branding, that many companies tend to overlook, is building relationships and increasing loyalty with gifts.  These could be gifts to current customers and clients as well as prospective ones.  But they could also be gifts given to employees as well as to  attendees at events and trade shows. Corporate gifts are used to say thank you, we appreciate you, we want your business, or just thank of us the next time you need our product or service.

Why is corporate gift-giving important?

Corporate gifts help maintain good relationships with your clients, employees, business associates, business partners, etc.  As an example, if you are a Realtor looking to relocate your office and one of your associates helped youchoose a suitable area, giving them a thank-you gift demonstrates your appreciation.
Impressing new clients and customers is easier when using a corporate gift to show your appreciation.  Of course, this is an additional expense but it can also increase your future income with more referrals and additional business from them.  I know this to be true from personal experience.  When someone was looking for a Realtor, I always told them about the one that had given me exceptional service.  She had left a beautiful gift basket on the kitchen counter for me to discover after the sale was concluded and even sent me an additional gift on the anniversary of the closing of the sale.  She still stays in touch and occasionally send me small gifts.

What is the difference between promotional products and corporate gifts for brand awareness?

Both corporate gifts and promotional gifts are powerful marketing tools that encourage customer loyalty. However, they serve two entirely different purposes.   When considering corporate gifts for brand awareness, it's essential to understand that they are not the same as promotional gifts.
Corporate gifts are used  to show appreciation, enhance your company's image, and create goodwill among customers, employees, and any others that are important to the success of your business.  They are usually more expensive and purchased in smaller quantities than promotional gifts.  Examples would be a gift basket to say Thank You or even aHam or Turkey Breast on a personalized cutting board given during the holidays.
Individual personalized brownies Personalized brownies and cookies make great promotional gifts for marketing
While corporate gifts are usually given for a special occasion or holiday, promotional gifts are part of daily marketing campaigns.  Promotional gifts are usually less expensive and purchased in larger quantities.  They include items like  pens, mugs, planners, personalized cookies or other treats, etc.
Corporate gifts are usually more expensive but tend to have more lasting value for building relationships and loyalty.  Here are25 Tips for Giving Corporate Gifts that Impress.

Ways to build brand awareness with corporate gifts

Using both corporate gifts and promotional gifts to build brand awareness should be a part of every company's marketing plan.  Smaller, less expensive promotional type gifts that are practical and useful can be used to make others aware of your company and what it does at trade shows, local events, and even as "drop-by gifts."
At events and trade shows, you can hand out the smaller promotional products to anyone who stops by your booth or include them in gift bags that the event promotor may use.  But you can use a larger, more expensive corporate gift such as agourmet gift basket as a give-away to entice attendees to add their contact information to your mailing list.  You can then use that mailing list to introduce new products and services as well as to distribute important information to prospective customers.
Maple Ridge Farms Gift Box filled with candies Corporate gifts don't always have to be large and expensive. They just need to be impressive.
Corporate presents can also be used to keep or re-engage current and former clients. You most likely have the contact information for all of your previous and existing clients. An excellent way to stay in touch with them is to send them corporate gifts.  Everyone -- even the biggest Scrooge -- love to be remembered with a gift and a surprise gift is the best of all.
Another use for smaller corporate gifts, such as this gift box filled with great tasting toffee is as a surprise thank-you gift at the time of service.  I have a bank that gives one of these when a client opens an account and a Realtor who gives one when making a listing presentation.
It is wise to keep a few carefully-chosen gifts on hand so that you can show your appreciation at the spur of the moment.  Many of my customers order gifts such as these gift boxes fromMaple Ridge Farms during the cooler months when they can be shipped ground rather than air and use them throughout the year.

The bottom line

Creating brand awareness for your company can be a time-consuming process and involves just about everything that your business does.  But corporate gifts have their own set of benefits. Because they are so diverse, even small firms can benefit from this specific marketing technique. Plus, they are a terrific way to get a good return on your money. So wait no more and try to build brand awareness with corporate gifts.Creative Gifts to Go
has been helping companies -- both large and small -- add to their brand awareness with corporate gifts since 1992.  And we are here to help you as well.  Visit our website or give us a call.Other Helpful Resources 25 Tips for Giving Corporate Gifts that Impress 14 Corporate Gift Ideas The Secret to Giving Great Business Gifts Business Gift Giving Mistakes to Avoid

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