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7 Ways to Use Empty Baskets

Seven Practical Ways to Use Empty Baskets

You received a beautiful basket filled with goodies.  That was great but now the goodies are gone and the basket is empty.  What to do with it other than just donate it to Good Will?
Here are a few ideas to help you put that empty basket to good use.  It all depends on the size and shape of the basket, of course, but you can. . .

1.  Use it in the Bathroom

Baskets make great storage and can provide some much needed storage space in the small bathroom.  Use the smaller baskets on the counter for hairbrushes, soaps, bath cloths or even bath towels.  Bigger baskets can hold extra rolls of toilet paper or even bath towels by the shower.

2.  Use it for Shopping

If the basket has a handle and is large enough, you can use it for holding the fresh fruits and vegetables at your local farmer's market or even as a substitute for plastic bags at the grocery store.

3. Picnic or lunch basket

Many baskets can be transformed into a picnic basket by adding cheeses, breads or crackers, fruit, a bottle of wine and anything else you like to the basket.  Or even as a carrier for your lunch -- whether eating it at home or at the office.

4.  Magazine Holder

Baskets are great for storing magazines, books, or newspapers that you want to read by your bed or favorite chair.  This is much more attractive and tidy than just stacking them in a loose pile.

5.  Use them in the Office

Baskets of all sizes can help organize your home office as well as your work one.  Depending on the size, they can hold everything from pens to paper clips to note pads and tablets.

6.  Create them in the kitchen or dining room

Fill the basket with silk flowers or fresh fruit and use it in the center of the table.  Or baskets are a great way to store fruit, onions, and other produce in the kitchen.  They also make great containers for kitchen utensils.

7. Use them for potted plants

You can line them with plastic (make sure to punch holes in the plastic for drainage) and plant directly into the basket.  Or place already potted plants into them and use them indoors or on the patio.
Baskets are versatile and much more attractive than most empty boxes.  They can be put to use in a variety of ways.  Use your imagination and put that empty gift basket to good use.  You may even like the idea so well that you'll decide to go shopping for some empty baskets to increase your storage and beautify your home.

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