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10 Tips for Easier Christmas Gift Shopping

Make Gift Shopping Easier

Do you rush around  looking for the perfect present for each person on your gift list as the list grows longer each year?
No more!
Here are some tips to make that shopping easier and to make you breathe a sigh of relief when it's over.
  1.  The first tips is something that we all know.  Start early.  Better yet, shop throughout the year as you happen upon something that would be a great gift.  For example, when you go to a Mother's Day bazaar in May, and see something that you know Amy would love, buy it and add it to your collection of holiday gifts.  Or the big department store at the mall is having a close-out sale on a purse that Mom would love, buy it.  When Christmas rolls around, most of your shopping will be done.  All you have to do is wrap the gifts, add the gift tag, and relax with your favorite cup of tea.
  2. Lavender Essence Spa Gift Basket for womanWhen you are looking at gifts for a number of different people who are not in the same social circle, buy the same gift for each of them.  How about this unique lavender spa gift  for each of the special women in your life?  Buying online and having them shipped to all those aunts and uncles that live in different parts of the country only takes a few minutes.
  3. Do you buy gifts for others at your place of work or perhaps for other offices that are your clients?  There is no way that you can know what they like but everyone loves good food.  A gourmet gift basket,  or a large box of Christmas brownies, or a cheese and cracker tray will please everyone.
  4. For quick and easy, as well as inexpensive gifts, buy decorative holiday tins and fill them with Ghirardelli or Dove chocolates that you buy in bulk at your local Costco or Sam's Club.  No wrapping needed.
  5. Gift certificates also make quick and easy gifts.  You can find certificates from a wide range of restaurants and stores at most of your local grocery stores.
  6. Use the Internet.  Buy your gift wrap, shipping supplies, and even the gifts themselves online.  Then use the online services provided by the U.S. Postal service , UPS, and Fedex to print the postage and stick them in your mailbox.  If they're too big to go into the mailbox, call the post office and they will pick them up when they deliver your mail.  Even someone who is confined to a wheelchair can do all their shopping without ever having to step outside the door.  Or if you want someone else to ship the gift for you, check out all the holiday designs that can be shipped anywhere in the country without your having to spend a fortune.
  7. Have a meal or even just dessert, like a tropical Bundt cake, shipped as a family gift or to that person who loves to eat but hates to cook.
  8. Need a gift for someone who enjoys wine but you can't ship wine into their state.  There are several options for them as well.    Or want something larger.  A wine-themed gift basket without the wine may be just the answer.
  9. teddy bearsFor a unique gift that probably hasn't even crossed your mind, check out Grand Canyon Teddy Bears with the variety of teddy bears that are dressed for a number of professions, such as a chef, fireman, policeman, and more.  There's also an adorable little bear dressed in a poodle skirt and sweater that would bring back memories of those sock hops of the 1950's.
  10. For the person who has everything, a gift that they will keep forever, is a letter written by you telling them how much they mean to you and how they have affected your life.

Christmas comes but once a year but unfortunately many people dread it because of the hassles of fighting crowds at the malls, standing in long lines at the post office, and spending lots of money on gifts that won't be appreciated.  That doesn't have to be you if you plan it right.


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