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Why Maple Ridge Gifts Are the Best Corporate Gifts

This time of year, you will start to receive catalogs from the large companies that sell food gifts – Harry and David, Wine Country, Mrs. Fields, Hickory Farms and others.
They all have great looking photos of their gifts but I am going to tell you why gifts from Maple Ridge Farms are better values and why they are theBest Corporate Gifts !
  1. When your customers and clients receive gifts that you ordered from those big companies, their company logo is plastered all over the outside of the shipping box.  They are promoting their company and not yours.  But the Maple Ridge logo never appears on the outside of their shipping cartons and they never include a catalog or special offers with the gifts that you send.
  2. Maple Ridge packs your gifts shortly before they are shipped while many of the other companies made up hundreds of gifts in advance and sit on warehouse shelves until they are needed.
  3. As a distributor for Maple Ridge Farms, I am here to answer your questions and take care of any problems for you.  Do you need to include a gift card?  Ship directly to each of your recipients instead of shipping them all to you?  No problem.  We’ve got you covered.  And we send you tracking numbers as soon as the gifts are shipped.
  4. Your gift can have your logo either imprinted on the ribbon, box, or cutting board so that the customers immediately realizes that the gift is from you.  The other companies have their logo printed on the gifts as they know that it is free advertising in the subconscious brain of the person opening the gift.
  5.  The food that is in the gifts from Maple Ridge tastes good and the boxes are full.  I’m not saying that the other companies have poor tasing food.  But Maple Ridge doesn’t cut corners and we make sure that we have the best tasting cheese from Wisconsin, sausages, cookies and candies that we can find.  And our cakes are ones that melt in your mouth.

Let me give you an example.
A customer was looking at ordering 250 boxes of cookies from Mrs. Fields which has good-tasting cookies.  But I knew that the cookies from Maple Ridge Farms tasted just as good and had a much better presentation.
So I ordered one of the cookie gifts from Mrs. Fields and a cookie box with almost the same retail price from Maple Ridge.
Once they arrived, I took them to the customer and we opened the packages together.
The gift from Mrs. Fields had the Mrs. Fields logo all over it… on the shipping carton, on the tin, and even on the individual cello wrappers that were on each cookie!  It was hard to tell whether the gift was from the client or from Mrs. Fields!
The gift from Maple Ridge Farms came in a blind shipping carton.  The client’s logo was richly foil-stamped on the gift box, and the cello wrappers protecting the cookies were clear, without Maple Ridge Farms identification.  When recipients opened these gifts, the first thing they would see was the client’s logo on the gift box, not the Maple Ridge Farms logo.
I got the order for Maple Ridge and the customer was very pleased with the thank yous that he received from the clients that the gifts were sent to.
This experience was five years ago and I am still filling this customer’s gift orders for holiday gifts as well as smaller gifts that he gives to potential clients when making presentations or at tradeshows he participates in.Compare Maple Ridge Farms and Mrs Fields

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