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Gifts That Are The Same But Different? (and Why?)

Mont Blanc Pen or a Bic?
Godiva Chocolates or Hershey's?
Coach Leather bag or a vinyl knock-off?
Mercedes or Kia?
What makes them different?
They are the same type of thing, aren't they?  Both of the pens will write and the cars will take you to work.  But, even though they do the same thing, they are different.
Very different in the eyes of many.
Yes, one choice will cost you a whole lot more than the other one.   The question then becomes: Is the premium price worth it?
This is a question that is often asked about gift baskets as well.  Why is one gourmet gift basket priced at $100 when it has fewer items in it than the one priced at $75?
The answer is easy.  Gourmet means different things to different people.  In reality, the word gourmet simply means good food.  But people have different tastes and different reasons for sending a gift basket.  And this is where the difference in price and number of products in a basket is reflected.
When I first started my gift basket business, I honestly didn't think that people would want gifts that contained products you could buy in the grocery store -- like Hersheys, Reeses, and Famous Amos.  So we stocked products that were harder to find and cost more.
But experience taught us that there are occasions when these well-known and well-loved brands are more appropriate and more desirable.  So we developed a line of fun, less expensive "junk food" baskets.  And guess what?  We now sell lots and lots of them.
It all depends on the occasion and who the basket is going to.  My grandson isn't going to be impressed with Lindt chocolate truffles.  But he would jump with joy if he received a gift filled with peanut butter cups, gummy bears, and chocolate chip cookies.  This is true also of my college-age grand daughter and my biker son-in-law.
That is why we carry both kinds of "gourmet" gift baskets and call some of them "snack gift baskets. "
It also depends on the message you are trying to send.  If you are sending a gift as a "thank you" for your business, you may want to impress them with the more expensive items.  But even then, be careful.
Try to learn as much as you can about the person that will receive the gift.  Someone who is a member of Alcoholics Anonymous is not going to appreciate that expensive bottle of wine or a diabetic will never eat those expensive truffles.
Gift giving that impresses is all about awareness.  There are occasions and recipients that will appreciate that $100 basket filled with products that they will never see on their grocery store shelves.  But there are also those who will be more impressed with a basket filled with chocolate chip cookies from your local bakery.
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